UV LED Light Meter OmniCure®

Achieve Maximum Reliability and Control for Your UV Curing Process.

The OmniCure® LED Light Meter, ergonomically designed, with sensor and a fine aperture with a precise calibration, helps ensure accurate and consistent measurements over a broad dynamic range, from an OmniCure® UV LED Spot Curing System, or any other LED UV source. Power and irradiance can be measured by selecting a specific wavelength on the meter that corresponds to the wavelength of the LED UV source. This enables manufacturers to achieve greater accuracy with ease of use while maintaining reliable and controlled UV assembly processes.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be easily adapted in a fixture or restricted space
  • Accurate irradiance/power measurements
  • Ability to measure from wide variety of LED light sources
  • Detects peak measurement and records the value
  • Traceability for QA process