UV LED Curing Systems

uv led spot curing

UV LED Curing Systems provide accurate irradiation using high intensity light sources created from arrays of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), enabling the precision UV Curing of materials that is just not possible with conventional UV Curing lamps, offer improved workplace safety by reducing harmful by products such as ozone, can be turned on and off instantly, utilizing input power efficiently, thus providing lower operation costs over the application lifetime and come in a variety of sizes to match application needs, available in both ambient Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled solutions.

UV LED Curing Technology using the polymerization process, is ideal for curing and drying of materials for use in a wide range of industrial Applications, in the UV Adhesives, Printing, Coatings, Medical Device Assembly, and other industrial sectors.

UV LED Spot Curing Systems provide precision and superior bonding with faster, more efficient curing, by combining high power UV output (UV LEDs), with a maximum irradiance, thus offering many benefits over conventional arc and flash lamps.

UV LED Curing Advantages

  • Rapid Cure -  instant on/off, no warm up required, lights instantaneously
  • No heating of substrates - cold curing close up to cure head
  • One peak wavelength of output power (multiple peaks possible)
  • Environmentally Friendly - no UVB, no ozone
  • Safe operation - no bulb break, low voltage, no Mercury
  • Long Life Time> 10,000 hrs of LED “on” time
  • Minimal drop off in power over life
  • Even intensity of radiant power over curing area
  • Small size and light weight of cure heads
  • Useful to converters in the converting industry
  • Cooler operating temperature
  • Ideal for UV curing of inks in digital inkjet, screen, flexographic printing processes