EIT 2.0 UV LED Products

Founded in 1977 EIT 2.0 provide creative engineering solutions of UV radiometers and sensors for industrial curing applications. Jenton are proud to be the registered UK and Ireland Distributor for EIT 2.0.

The UV & EB Technology Issue 2 2023, highlights the benefits of a profiling radiometer:

UV & EB Technology Issue 2 2023

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The EIT 2.0 LEDMAP is designed to measure LED sources in high speed applications with EIT’s patented LED L-Bands.

The EIT 2.0 PowerMAP II and LEDMAP are Profiling Radiometers that provides the irradiance (W/cm2 ), energy density (J/cm2 ), irradiance profile (Watts/cm2 as a function of time) and temperature profile (°C as a function of time). The compact, one-piece instruments are 60% smaller than the original EIT PowerMAP and have a larger memory for increased data gathering. Both instruments utilize EIT’s UV PowerView Software III for detailed visual and numerical analysis of the sources.

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LEDCure® Profiler

Single L-band with Irradiance & Energy Density values displayed plus transfer of the Irradiance Profile to UV PowerView® III

Profiler versions of the LEDCure operate in the same manner as Standard units. The data collected can be viewed on the instrument display at user adjustable effective sample rates of 25, 128 or 2048 Hz (samples/second).

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Highly portable and accurate radiometers designed specifically to measure the UV generated by industrial UV LED systems.

EIT 2.0 LLC’s LEDCure® radiometers provide a patented Total Measured Optic Response. Everything in the instrument “optics stack” is included in the overall instrument response, not just the optical filter. The Total Measured Optic Response provides consistent, repeatable and accurate readings run to run, unit to unit and source to source.

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