Jenton UV Led Curing Systems

UV LED curing systems provide accurate irradiation using high intensity light sources created from arrays of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), enabling the precision UV curing of materials that is just not possible with conventional UV curing lamps. They offer improved workplace safety by reducing harmful byproducts such as ozone, and can be turned on and off instantly, utilizing input power efficiently. Our UV LED curing systems come in a variety of sizes to match application needs, available as both ambient air-cooled and water-cooled solutions.

Our Products

Jenton are distributors for Excelitas (Canada) in the UK and Ireland, a company at the forefront of UV LED curing products for the industrial and medical markets. Excelitas UV LED products are available as spot cure or linear sources with available wavelengths 365nm, 385nm, 395nm (UVA) and 265nm (UVC). They can all be fitted into Jenton UV curing conveyors and custom manufacturing jigs. They have innovative concentration optics and focusing lenses. Excelitas are experts in providing UV LED for engineering applications.

In addition, Jenton has worked for many years with Phoseon Inc. (USA) who present a very large range of UV LED arrays, with air and water cooling available, many of which have been specifically designed for OEM applications. Arrays can be large or small, linear or block and with a variety of power levels available. Phoseon are experts in providing UV LED for print applications.

UV LED Spot Curing

JentonUV prefers and supplies Excelitas (Canada) UV LED spot cure sources to provide a complete solution for any cable assembly process. High quality UV LEDs behind excellent focusing optics with excellent power supplies and control mean that production repeatability is achieved, even to medical device standards. 365nm, 385nm, 395nm & 405nm outputs are standard products but other wavelengths are available upon request.

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UV LED Spot Curing   LX500 with LED max heads

UV LED Large Area Sources

JentonUV prefers and distributes Excelitas (Canada) UV LED linear UV curing sources in UK and Ireland. High quality UV LED diodes with excellent thermal control mean consistent powerful output at 365nm, 385nm, 395nm and 405nm. Various lengths available and high quality optics for excellent focus options.

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uv led moduar cure sources

UV LED Custom Engineeering

Jenton manufacture a wide range of UV LED ancilliary products including UV conveyors, ovens, jigs etc. The cool operation and instant start capabilities if UV LEDs means that we have adapted our UV product range to better suit the fabulous advantages of UV LEDs for many applications.

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UV LED Custom Engineering   UV Curing Drawer Type Work Station

UV LED Power Supplies

JentonUV manufactures stable DC power supplies and control systems for LED UV lamp heads and arrays made by various manufacturers. These can be supplied as stand alone units or incorporated, for example, into conveyor units. Foll integration with existing cor new control systems possible. Jenton has expertise in remote monitoring/ control etc.

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uv led power supplies

UV LED Adhesives

JentonUV are proud to represent EMI Adhesives (Colorado, USA) who are the market leaders in opto-electronic, electronic & medical device manufacturing adhesive both epoxy and acrylate based. High performance with low shrinkage for Opto-electronics and excellent bond strength to glass, metals and ceramics. ISO 10993 & USP class VI for medical device manufacturing.

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UV LED Adhesives

UV LED for Water

Jenton are distributors for ACUVA UVC LED water disinfection systems. These NEW, innovative and patented products from the University of British Columbia in Canada are simple modules for on-demand water disinfection in 'off grid' and high spec applications, from water coolers to boats.

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uv led for water

UV Conveyors

Jenton have become experts in the design and manufacture of UV curing comveyors. From small laboratory systems to industrial strength units for 3D and heavy objects. We can fit our own UV curing systems or those from other manufacturers and we can supply conveyors on an OEM basis. All optimised to get the UV efficiently to the process.

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uv conveyors

EIT 2.0 UV LED Products

Founded in 1977 EIT 2.0 provide creative engineering solutions of UV radiometers and sensors for industrial curing applications. Jenton are proud to be the registered UK and Ireland Distributor for EIT 2.0.

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EIT 2.0 UV LED Products


For many years the conventional way to generate high intensity UV light was to create a plasma in a quartz bulb, either with a high voltage arc or with RF (microwave) energisation and then make sure the correct metals were in the bulb too – Hg, Fe, Ga etc. – so that the light emitted by the plasma contained as much UV in the right wavelengths as possible.

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About the Jenton Group

For over 50 years the Jenton name has signalled innovative automation equipment for food, medical, print and packaging industries. We manufacture over half of the products we sell and specialise in custom engineered solutions.

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