OmniCure® AC9 Series

High Power UV LED Curing Systems for Adhesives, Coatings and Inks

The OmniCure® AC9150, AC9150P, AC9225, AC9225P, AC9300 and AC9300P air-cooled UV LED Curing Systems are designed with advanced front-end optics to provide High Power, High Peak Irradiance and exceptional uniformity at different working distances.

The systems deliver 14 W/cm2 peak irradiance for fast, even curing at long working distances. P versions of the AC9 Series have enhanced optics to optimize the dose for short working distances along with a removable window for easy cleaning to support print applications.

For a repeatable curing process, precise control of the UV irradiance level and time ensures that the correct dose of UV energy is provided on everyexposure. System error detection notifies users for as low as 1% faulty LEDs to ensure process repeatability. Intelligent system monitoring andcontrol ensures system reliability meets the demands of any application.

Features Include:

  • Outstanding optical performance to provide high irradiance at varying working distances
  • Superior uniformity with the ability to adjoin multiple UV LED heads
  • Exceptional process control to achieve repeatable curing results
  • Compact air-cooled UV LED design for ease of integration