OmniCure® AC7150 and AC7300

Large Area UV LED Curing Systems for Adhesive and Coating Applications

Large Area UV LED Curing System, designed with a unique combination of high output LEDs and custom optics, these Air-Cooled UV LED systems provide high irradiance at flexible working distances, enabling manufacturers to achieve outstanding productivity, with reduced running costs. The AC7150 and AC7300 provide exceptional uniformity over the full curing area for even and consistent curing. For even greater flexibility in curing larger parts, multiple systems can be joined together, maintaining the same uniformity between the systems.

Features Include:

  • Exceptional irradiance performance to accommodate different working distances
  • Flexibility with control for repeatable curing results
  • Superior uniformity to maximize the addressable curing area
  • Compact, Air-Cooled LED Design for ease of integration


Ideal for UV Curing Adhesives, Coatings in electronics, optics and medical device assembly, inks in print, marking and coding applications.