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UV LED Curing Pen
UV LED Curing Pen
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Capability in UV LED Curing
UV LED Curing System for Optical Bonding
UV LED Curing A new alternative to conventional UV curing lamps, UV LED Curing improves on existing UV curing technology. It is utilized for drying UV sensitive materials through polymerization, by enabling thinner, heat-sensitive substrates, while reducing harmful by-products such as ozone, thus improving workplace safety.  Additionally, UV LEDs can be turned on and off instantly and utilize input power efficiently enabling lower operation costs over the application lifetime. UV LED Technology, utilising high intensity light sources created from arrays of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), rather than conventional bulb technologies, has been developed to rapidly cure UV Adhesives, optical bonding of lenses, small glass components, plastic bonding, wire tracking, metals, inks, and UV curable coatings.   UV LED Spot Curing Systems provide precision and superior bonding with faster, more efficient curing, by combining high power UV output (UV LEDs), with a maximum irradiance, thus offering many benefits over conventional arc and flash lamps. UV LED Curing Applications, scientific and industrial, can be found in areas such as printing, coatings, adhesives, fibre optics and micro-electronic assembly.
UV LED curing lamp for  pinning  low cost, small form factor air cooled
UV LED Curing Water Cooled
 UV LED Curing air cooled small form factor lamp
Rapid Cure - on/off, no warm up required, lights instantaneously No heating of substrates - cold curing close up to cure head One peak wavelength of output power (multiple peaks possible as required by process) No fuming of cured material Safe operation - no UVB, no ozone, no bulb break, low voltage, no mercury Long life time> 10,000 hrs of LED “on” time Minimal drop off in power over life Even intensity of radiant power over curing area Small size and light weight of cure heads

UV LED Curing and UV LED Spot Curing Systems

UV LED Curing Advantages
Jenton International is a part of the Jenton Group of companies specialising in the supply and support of technically innovative products for the Packaging, Banding, UV Curing, UV Disinfection UV LED, Viscosity Control & Converting industries as well as the food automation packaging industry with Jenton-Ariana & electronic sensing and control systems with C-Cubed Ltd
UV LED Curing Benefits: ideal for the UV curing of inks in digital inkjet, screen, flexographic and other printing processes, providing benefits to converters as well as the Converting industry.
uv led curing examples
UV LED products are offered in two main cooling configurations:
  Air Cooled systems          are simpler and provide for lower total system economics Water Cooled systems          provide smaller form factors and have higher peak irradiance.
UV LED Spot Curing System
UV LED Curing for Small Area
UV LED Curing Air Cooled
UV LED Curing Air Cooled
UV LED Curing for Optical Bonding
UV Adhesives
UV LED Spot Curing
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